September 2013 by Barony Student Newsletter Group (2013 - 2014): Forestry students gather materials for the Livingstone Project.

Forestry students gather materials for the Livingstone Project.

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It was a Monday morning and we were ready for another “exciting” day with hand-tool Tom Karas (Barony Campus Forestry Lecturer).  We were told we had a special task today and we were to gather up an order of wood.  We got the list and were pointed towards the timber used for forwarder loading and unloading practice. 

The first challenge was to convert the feet and inches on the order to the metres and centimetres on our logger’s tapes.  Our solution was our smart phone, while Tom used a tape with both systems.

We found all the larger diameter logs, but needed 24 smaller pieces.  We went to Big Wood and selected trees of the correct dimensions.  We then had to justify felling these as part of a thinning operation.  We could only fell trees that benefited the remaining trees and did not create a big whole in the wood.

Forestry Students peeling the timber















We had a challenge or two reversing a trailer along a forest track. Got there in the end and took the poles to the forestry shed. 

We peeled some by hand and then used the pointer/peeler to do the rest.  Much easier and we thought it did a better job.

The Agrics took the timber to the building site and it was good to hear that the man in charge of the project was pleased with the timber.

By:  Calum Heeps, Stephen Sweeney, Eaun Borthwick, Wayne Gill, Chris Nwufoh, Steven Fraser (Diploma in Forestry)