September 2013 by Barony Student Newsletter Group (2013 - 2014): Ultrasound Scan on Bo

Ultrasound Scan on Bo

On the day when the student Veterinary nurses have practical lessons, I was actually supposed to be at the equestrian unit. When I heard that the Veterinary Surgeon (Rodger Lever) would be using the new ultrasound scanner to examine a female Collie (Bo), thought to be four weeks pregnant, I just couldn't miss the opportunity to witness the scan.

Above, Rodger Lever with Bo and Barony Campus Veterinary Students (Click here for larger image)

Rodger firstly examined Bo and was teaching us what we should be feeling for when a bitch is pregnant and drew an example of what we would be looking for during the scan. While Rodger went onto figure out all the features of the new scanner, we were introduced to Bo, who was wonderful to work with.

Above, Rodger Lever with Bo's owner Davie Aitken and Barony Veterinary students (Click here for larger image)

Unfortunately, Rodger was unable to detect any definite images to prove Bo was pregnant which was rather disappointing. However, she will have another ultrasound scan next week then we will know for certain whether or Bo is pregnant.











Above, Rodger Lever using the ultrasound on Bo (Click here for larger image)

We will keep you updated within October's student newsletter Wink

By: Lauren France (HNC Animal Nursing )