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November/December 2012, Issue 1.

Welcome to the Award Winning SRUC Barony Campus Student Newsletter.

This is our first issue of the monthly Barony Campus student newsletter, which has been created by Barony Campus student's from various courses. This issue covers November and December's news, events, announcements and what has been happening with student life at the Campus.

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Agriculture Banner

A couple of weeks ago, the NC, HNC and SVQ agriculture had a day off college work to go to AgriScot, an Edinburgh based event for scottish agricultural businesses.

It was a really good chance to see dairy cows shown, with the Holstein class being described as a phenomenally high standard, and the shortleet top 4 being: Alex Colquhoun's 409 head Holstein unit at Dendoldrum, Inverbervie, Aberdeenshire; Andrew Harvey's 277 Holsteins at Drum Farm, Beeswing, Dumfries; Alistair and Sheila Nelson's 173 Holsteins at Redcroft, Castle Douglas; and T M Ralston and Son's 200 head Ayrshire unit, at East Drumlemble, Campbeltown. It was especially helpful to pick up tips and techniques which can be used when we prepare our own Dairy heifers for showing March.

There was also a really good example of foot trimming being demonstrated using the Dutch method, shown in the pictures below, this is also something we have been studying and practising in class, along with hoof health and lameness.

Oatridge college, also part of the SRUC, helped SAC beef specialist Basil Lowman describe how an animals feed requirement changes as its weight and age changes. Understanding this will help finish cattle more efficiently and to a better standard, something all farmers are always aiming for.

The seed drill pictured shows just how the size and complexity of agricultural technology is evolving and improving, although it still looks a lot like an alien space ship to me!  

Thank you to all the staff who organised the trip!

By: Hannah Haig (NC Agriculture)

Equine Banner

During September this year, the 12 equine students and course tutor, Jackie Irving, were privilaged to be able to attend the 2012 Paralympic Games to watch the Para-Dressage, held at Greenwich Park in London. The students had tickets for the freestyle grades II and Ib.

The morning was a terrific success for Team GB with Natasha Baker picking up the gold in the Grade II with her mount Cabral , with Germany hot on their heels, taking silver and bronze. 

The afternoon was not so great, with Team GB's Lee Pearson, who was assured to receive gold, only able to pick up the bronze with his mount Gentleman.

All the students had a fantastic time in London and found the games to be very inspiring! They wish to thank Jackie for organising the trip to such an amazing event.

By: Callia Antonia Soave (Equine Studies)

Equine Banner

On the 3rd October, the Equine student set off again, this time for Birmingham, to watch the spectacular Horse of the Year Show.

The students enjoyed the delights of various disciplines, such as working hunter, scurry, Pony Club games and many more. The students also attended educational talk ranging from course building to feeding. They found these very valuable and found that it gave them an insight into various areas within the equine industry.

The trip was another great success and the students would again, like to extend there thanks to Jackie for organising such a fantastic trip!

By: Callia Antonia Soave (Equine Studies)

Do you want to keep fit and work off some aggression?  If so, why not try Boxercise? If enough people express their interest then Alison Halliday has promised to organise it!

It's good fun, you get a cardiovascular workout and you get to punch things!! If your interested please see your class rep or Alison Halliday ( to express interest.

By: Ailsa Caygill (HND Vet Nursing)

November Student Reps Meeting Minutes


This is the student rep meeting minutes from the 11th of November. Holds items discussed with Barony staff and student course reps.

115.9KB | Monday, 03 December 2012 | Details

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Animal Care Banner.

The Barony Campus Animal Care student's and lecturers held an open day for Animal Care on Wednesday the 21st of November. This open day let people interested in doing the Animal Care course at Barony have a look at the Campus facilties and inform them what is involved  within the Animal Care course. 

Over 20 families came and received a tour of the Campus and were shown the Animal Care Centre and shown all the animals they would be able to handle during their course. The open day received real good feedback from all our visitors and were more than happy with Barony's facilities. The Animal Care open day was found to be a success for our visiting families.

Below are some images which were displayed within a slideshow to assist in showing the Animal Care course to the open day visitors.

By: Darren McMillan (HNC Animal Care)

Annual Special Programmes Christmas Sale

Special Programmes Team

One of the highlights of the social calendar at Barony was enjoyed by many this week when the Special Programmes Unit threw open its’ doors to staff and students from across the campus, as well as welcoming friends, family and former students.  Staff and students are proud of the work that is displayed all around the porta-cabin and relish sharing this with visitors.

Much more than a Christmas sale, this annual event is a showcase of all aspects of the work undertaken at Barony by students with learning disabilities, and all with a Christmas twist.  Examples of baking, planting, preserves made from garden produce and craftwork were available to buy.  Guests were all urged to linger over coffee and mince pies whilst chatting to the Employment Evaluation students who had served them.  Students had been encouraged to produce work that is of a good quality and that people would choose to buy – and this had been achieved.

The students do all of the planning, advertising and preparation for this event, as well as acting as hosts on the day, using sessions in I/T, preparation for employment, social conduct, food hygiene, project planning and evaluation, money handling and even the basic skills involved in following instructions in real situations to create this wonderful day.  The students who attend the schools based Transition course were also involved with preparing produce. 

This year all involved were delighted to welcome many students from around the college, who were all eager to visit, to chat and to get to know the group.  Many took the opportunity to relax over refreshments.   This social aspect of the day has always played a major part in the event, and demonstrates clearly the rich and diverse life shared by all at Barony campus.

Alison and all of the students involved would like to thank all who supported the day, whether through visiting, buying, donating or by passing on their best wishes.  We raised over £200, but achieved so much more in friendship.

Thank you all, and Merry Christmas everybody.

By: Special Programmes.


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